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Middle Earth OTS - North America

Opening on Saturday Jan 5th @ 12:00 pm EST
Time remaining until launch:
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World Information

Status: Online
Players Online: 58 Players Online
Online Record: 183 players
Era Start Date: Jan 5, 2019
Location: USA
PvP Type: Open PvP

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Players Online

Name   [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation   [sort] VIP
eu Aabe 313 Elder Druid VIP
vn Addoner 256 Elite Knight NO
us Adikosi 223 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Agua De Jamaica 363 Royal Paladin NO
vn Athena 379 Elder Druid NO
gb Baku 677 Elder Druid VIP
us Biurowy Oczko Here 526 Royal Paladin NO
us Bobby Pulido 406 Elite Knight NO
vn Bossen Bre 404 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Buk Buk Mefedron 577 Master Sorcerer VIP
vn Castiel 556 Master Sorcerer NO
vn Consejo 326 Royal Paladin NO
vn Cookie 427 Royal Paladin NO
us Defender Of Hell 455 Elite Knight VIP
vn Doobious 366 Royal Paladin NO
us Draeth 548 Royal Paladin VIP
us Eeny Meeny Miny Moe 273 Elite Knight NO
us El Mencho 570 Elder Druid NO
vn Fire Power 292 Elite Knight VIP
fr Galleta Maria 393 Elder Druid NO
vn Glocknitton 332 Royal Paladin VIP
vn Gowther 343 Master Sorcerer NO
ng Grasik 979 Master Sorcerer VIP
eu Gutalax 524 Elite Knight VIP
am Horror 387 Master Sorcerer VIP
vn Ivan Archivaldo 710 Royal Paladin VIP
pl Jam 607 Elite Knight VIP
vn James 406 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Jaystar 517 Elite Knight VIP
vn Kron 275 Royal Paladin VIP
us Malfurion 262 Elite Knight VIP
mx Maniack 644 Royal Paladin VIP
us Miss 641 Elder Druid VIP
us Mitchymons 422 Master Sorcerer VIP
fr Pay De Queso 340 Elite Knight NO
gb Peng 544 Royal Paladin VIP
vn Pongle 306 Royal Paladin VIP
us Pro Laps 224 Elder Druid VIP
vn Qlotieso 213 Elite Knight NO
us Redrum 897 Elite Knight VIP
us Revolvas Twin 732 Royal Paladin VIP
us Rhaenys 504 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Rookers 235 None NO
vn Rosa 188 Elite Knight VIP
us Savage 343 Elite Knight NO
vn Scizors 477 Elite Knight NO
us Shadowbolt 20 Royal Paladin VIP
us Shinigami sama 690 Elite Knight VIP
us Solo 417 Royal Paladin VIP
us Soraka Ad 377 Royal Paladin VIP
us Stanhome 475 Elite Knight NO
us Sunrise 515 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Thor 56 Elite Knight VIP
vn Tobias Sammet 447 Master Sorcerer NO
vn Vanessa 324 Master Sorcerer VIP
fr Wasin Dreline 320 Master Sorcerer NO
us Weasle 306 Elite Knight NO
vn Xyz 394 Elite Knight NO