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Middle Earth OTS - North America

Opening on Saturday Jan 5th @ 12:00 pm EST
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the crazy of them all

Guild Information
Description hunt well and be nice to our guild members no fighting our guild member pvp will be okay soon as we get bigger
Foundation The the crazy of them all were founded on February 5, 2019 by Sellis
Total Members 6
Members Online 0
Avg Level 398
Lowest Lvl Selluto (Lvl 180)
Highest Lvl Abztracta (Lvl 490)

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
the Leader
Abztracta 490 EK
Jimmy 385 EK
Sellis 430 ED (Abztracta)
Selluto 180 RP
Sheila 454 ED
Tobias Sammet 447 MS

Invited Players
Baku Tankejro
Defender Of Hell
Unholy Paladin